Ildar Season Doorbuster!

03 December 2020 (16:47) by Archlight Team

A couple months ago now, the Archlight team grew significantly. Not only a much more talented team, but a larger team as well. This expansion has been without a doubt our biggest Ildar expansion ever. Tons of new content to enjoy, meta changes & balances, a full new UI, just to name a few things from the massive patch notes posted on Wednesday. This is just a taste of what is to come for the future of Archlight. After seeing the huge growth once again on this past Dracona season, we realized Archlight still has so much growth potential. While this has been a huge undertaking for the team to put together, we cannot wait to show this as the new norm moving forward, and even bigger things to come.  

We really appreciate any and all support from you players if you are excited about what we're doing here and the future plans for Archlight. We're working really hard to take Archlight to the next level, and your support is crucial in that. Whether that is sharing about the project, getting friends to come play, or the most direct support of donating to the project. Now we will share with you the new Doorbusters and ArchPass for the Ildar Winter Season!  


Ildar Doorbuster!

New Shader - Shimmer (Heirloom) (10 LATs from NPC) 

(Or Get It Free On Any Large Donation Pack - Limited To First 25 Donators!) 

We are only doing 1 doorbuster with only 25 available as free bonuses, so make sure if you are wanting one, to scoop it up quick before they're all gone! (Once all are gone, it will be removed from the donation page bonus section - if you see it there when you go to purchase coins, it's still available!)


Royal Violet Wings (8 LATs from NPC) (Heirloom)  

T4 Skills & T4 Health/Mana


New ArchPass

Level 50 ArchPass Mount Cosmetic (Pick one of three) (Heirloom)  

T3 Skills



Level 100 ArchPass Outfit Cosmetic (Heirloom)  



With this announcement, donations are now officially open for tomorrow's launch! Any donations made will be waiting for you in your account with no delay for Launch start tomorrow! It's been a hard 2020, treat yourself.  


Additional Note

The Mobile Client Download has been removed for the launch. Theres a few issues we're looking into with the mobile client right now and feel it's better to remove it until those issues are fixed so people aren't having issues on Launch day with it and fall behind.

New Ildar Season - December 4th - Season Notes

01 December 2020 (00:10) by Archlight Team

New Ildar Season Patch Notes

Launches December 4th - 9:00am PT / 12:00PM ET / 17:00 UTC / 18:00 CET 

First off, sorry about how long the season patch notes took to get out, as you can see below theres A LOT of changes and additions, and we wanted to make sure to get it all out to you all!

For all you Dracona players, or those very active in our community, you know about our massive last Dracona season, spiking to 830 players launch day and having to put a queue in, something we’ve never had to do. We made some really cool changes to Archlight, and with our new larger and stronger development team, we have another huge expansion coming your guys way with Ildar.  

Sit back and enjoy, a lot to go through for Friday’s Launch!


New Content

Sigil Dungeons

Sigil Dungeons are a new type of content that will be available to players above Awakening Level 300, as well as had completed the Pipes Quests in Shadows of the Ashen Content. By completing this quest you will receive a Sigil that can be used on your character in which it's progress can be tracked on your character UI. 

A Sigil Dungeon will require a team of 3-5 players to complete.

Players must clear the entire dungeon, in order to summon the Boss. Once killed they can enter the reward room at the end of the dungeon and are able to use their Sigil to Cleanse the Obelisk inside. Like Ramparts, you can help others in their Sigil Dungeons however not receiving the rewards multiple times in a cooldown cycle (3.5 days cooldown like quests).

Clearing a dungeon and killing the boss will increase the level of your Sigil by 1, up to a maximum of 100.

Players are able to run multiple Sigil Dungeons in a cooldown cycle to level up their Sigil, however they cannot get another reward until their cooldown is up. So you must choose carefully when to cleanse the Obelisk.

By leveling up your Sigil, dungeons you enter will not only be more difficult, but also will provide bigger and better rewards.

Sigil dungeons will include some pretty insane rewards such as Enchantment Boxes (5% chance for Level 10+ Sigil Dungeons), Bounty Cards, Global Potions, Relic Stones and much more! The higher the level of the sigil, the higher chance at rare rewards and total amount of rewards you will obtain.

There will be 10 total different Sigil Dungeons for players to explore and slay!


Sigil Dungeon Challenges

Every Sigil Dungeon "Cycle" (Twice a week) the server will choose 3 of the 8 possible challenges to be applied to the Sigil Dungeons. Each Sigil Dungeon run 2 of these 3 challenges will be applied to your Dungeon run.  

The different challenges!

Explosions! - Monsters will explode on death

Swarm - A swarm of creatures will spawn on a monster's death

Morphed - Monsters have 20% more health and 15% more damage

Morphed Bosses - Bosses have 40% more health and 30% more damage

Shockwave - Players will emit a shockwave damaging nearby allies

Bloodlust - When a monster dies, nearby monsters will be strengthened

Mini-Bosses - After killing a set amount of creatures, a mini-boss will spawn. Killing this mini-boss will yield players a temporary buff.

Extra Lives - Monsters have 75% more Health and Damage. Players have 3 lives when attempting the dungeon.


Sigil Equipment  

3 New Sets of Equipment will be able to be crafted using the Material resources found in Sigil Dungeons.

All these new sets will have the same base & scaling stats of Reforged Mastercrafted Equipment and will be an alternative means of acquiring this strength of Equipment.

Adamantite Ore will be used to craft Ranged Equipment.

Aether Ore will be used to craft Magic Equipment.

Adamante Ore will be used to craft Melee Equipment.

Whisper of secret enhancements on special seperate sets have been heard in the Forgotten Islands.


Set Bonuses

Sigil Equipment will also include a special passive bonus applied to them, you will receive a larger bonus if you wear a full matching set of Sigil Equipment.

The purpose of this new Set Bonus system is to further diversify the possibilities and builds throughout a season. We plan to create even more set bonuses, even some that involve unlocking a new spell or unique allies to fight by your side.

Possible Set Bonuses

Stat Booster  - Receive a random stat boost of 10-20 in any stat. Set Bonus increases an additional +20 of the stat when all 4 pieces are boosting the same stat.

Gatherer - 2% chance to gather a second material per piece. Chance increased to 10% when wearing all 4 pieces of Equipment. This stacks with Dragon Tools.

Soulhunter - Each piece will increase the wearers damage by 4% but lower their resistance by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the resistance % lost.

Protector - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 4% but lower their damage by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the damage % lost.

Tank - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 3%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase it by a further 8%.

Rare Finder - Increases your Essence & Loot find by a random amount between 5-15%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase your Essence & Loot Find by an additional 20%.

Enchanter - Each piece will increase the chance of your enchantment procing by 1%. By having all 4 pieces this amount doubles.  

Swarm Set - Insects will swarm your target in combat. When crafting any equipment piece there is a 2% chance that you will recieve this special equipment piece in stead of the respective one you requested. This Set will have the same base stats as Reforged Mastercrafted Armor, However a powerful new passive effect.  


New Lategame Hades Spawns

New spawns have been added to the Hades content. Once you have slain hades, you will be able to access these new spawns to hunt in by visiting Perseus inside Hades' Citadel.


New Forgotten Island

A massive new forgotten island has been added with entirely non-forced respawn Creatures. This island will require 1000 explorers reputation to access. This island was designed with the goal of providing strong manual hunt spawns for late game players.  


Gameplay Changes & Additions

Manual Hunting Changes

Creatures without a “forced respawn” will now have two chances to drop a monster essence (essentially doubling the chance of an essence from them).

Many spawns in the Forgotten Islands now have a duplicate version, you can access them through the normal open world spawns.

Hellflayers have had their experience, loot value and monster essences nerfed by 50%.  (Hellflayers will not be changed on Dracona until a new season for fairness.)


Revamped Awakening Spells System Comes to Ildar

The absolutely loved new Awakening System Revamp that recently launched on Dracona spiking a massive new Meta will be coming to Ildar for the new season on Friday!


Team Boss Arena  

Team Arena bosses will now spawn in a random order based on the round, instead of a random boss being selected at the start of each round. This means bosses will not be repeated until you have cleared the entire list of bosses first.  

Roentgen (Second Mining Boss) will now properly spawn.

The Damage Scaling of the Arena Bosses has been reduced by 25% per round.

Bosses without a gatherable material will now give 10 Lord Lootbags instead of 4.

Grasping Enchantment and Player stuns will no longer work on Arena Bosses.


Otherworld changes  

- Additional War Spirits & Phantoms have been added outside the Deadstone Stronghold. These creatures will now also drop Otherworld Armors.

- Store mount tokens have been added to Isaac (NPC) for 100 Otherworld Reputation points in the Deadstone Stronghold.

- Minor Cosmetic Token price has been lowered from 40 to 30 Otherworld reputation at Isaac (NPC) in the Deadstone Stronghold.


Feats changes  

Feat tasks will now consider whether you have completed the Jorus Quest before asking for kill tasks or turn-in items from Deadstone or Otherworlds.

Deadstone War Spirits task required kills has been lowered from 400 > 300.

Deadstone War Wraith task required kills has been increased from 20 > 25.  

An option to kill either 3 Ritual Lords or 2 World Bosses has been added for Feat Tasks.

Fixed issue with Giantism and Ancient Knowledge giving incorrect values server side and in the UI window. They will now give 5% Max HP. (previously they granted only 4%)


Ildar Cosmetic Races & Race Changes

Black Sheep Available for both Ildar and Dracona - 500 AP 

Heirloom T4 HP/MP (Unlimited Race)


 Guidon Bearer First 200 - 150 AP 

T3 HPMP Heirloom


 Jouster First 15 - 200 AP 

T3 HPMP Heirloom


 Siege Master First 10 - 300 AP 

T4 HPMP Heirloom


 Moth Cape First 25 - Awakening Level 1500 

T4 Skills Heirloom


 Phantasmal Jade First 25 - Slay Hades 

T4 Skills Heirloom


LAT Store Changes

Trinkets and Backpacks moved to promotion token shop and removed from living token exchanger

Enchant Remover for 2 LATs has been added at the living token exchanger.  


Archbot Optimizations

Further much needed optimizations have been applied to the Archbot.  


Awakening Effect Save Profiles

Awakening Effects will now have Save Profiles. Save profiles can be sent to your friends in game no more saving and sending externally. This will allow far easier swapping of Awakening Effect builds.


UI Rework

The entire Archlight UI has been overhauled for better visual appeal, organization and functionality. Many windows now include better description but also easier to navigate details. This rework will also allow easier modifying and updating of the UI on our side.


Global Potion Changes

Global Potions will no longer stack bonuses when used multiple in a row. The Queue system will still exist if players wish to use their Global Potion after an existing one.

Global Potions will be obtainable as rewards from the new Sigil Dungeons.

Global Experience Potion Bonus increased from 25 > 50%

Global Dungeon Potions increased from 25 > 50%

Global Energy Potion increased from 500% > 1000% energy regeneration

Global Monster Essence Potion increased from 25% > 35%

Global Gathering Potion increased from 25% > 35%


Scourge Prince & Marius Fixes

Instead of teleporting, the bosses will now be unattackable while the bats are alive.

If a bat still lives, it will take 10 seconds for the boss to be attackable again.

If every bat dies before the 10 seconds timer, the boss will become attackable.

Fixed an issue with Crypt Bride taking damage outside of the room.


Misc Changes & Fixes

Enabled Lottery system again - it will now cycle every 1 hour - prize pool will be chosen at random for Items. The pool can be upgrade items for Equipment and runes, Stat stones, 2 Minor Cosmetic tokens, or 50% experience booster.

Added ability to see total of donation coins on website under my account page and coins resurrection. Player needs to be logged in. (This is live now).

In game Notifications - removed weaker unused gear (since prismatic set is now given for free to everyone).

Darksteel Base Resistance increased by 1 to fit between in game sets  .

Aggressive Lava will no longer heal from fire damage inside the Hades area.

Organized "Weapon Exchange" items from Blacksmithing.

Fixed an issue that prevented all hangable objects from being attached to walls.

Fixed an issue with attack speed being incorrect after vocation scroll was used as well as sometimes to dual wielding vocations.

Fixed an issue where Hades was unaffected by AoE hits from players spells.

Fixed an issue where you could put corpses inside your backpack.

Dozens of Minor map fixes.

Misc Siege Fixes (issue with players partaking in sieges before 5 days wait) etc.


Class Balances

Misc Balances

Focus / Strength Stat buffed by 10%  

Healing Emblems will no longer be an equipped item and instead will occur automatically like they do on Avuria. Healing Emblems will no longer require recharging.

Poseidon's protection will now reflect 10% of the damage you take in the 10 second window multiplied by your spell level. reflecting a full 100% of the damage at level 10.

Poseidon's protection has had a larger visual added to indicate the area of effect while it is active. This will show players weather they are in range for damage or healing.  



Rage of the Skies "lightning rod" will not only deal damage within 5 squares of the caster.

Thunder shock's awakened effects "magnetic attraction" and "short circuit" additional hit has been reduced by 25% damage.

Arcaneblast PvE damage has been reduced by 15%.

Concentrate base healing has been reduced by 30%.

Sorcerer's Soul Rune damage has been reduced by 10%.



Auto Attack damage has been buffed by 10%.

Heaven Artifact will now provide the Auto Attack buff from using any spell not just Snaring Shot. It will now cap out at +12.5%.

High Velocity Shot's PvP Multiplier has been reduced by 33%.  

Hell Artifact will now have a 10% chance for your attacks to slow the target for up to 37.5% for 2 seconds (Artifact level 15).

Energy & Flame Arrow Spray's Awakened Effect will now increase the cooldown of the spell from 5 > 8 seconds if used. However it's damage has been increased by 20%.



Blue Coats (From Call in the Militia Spell) have had their damage increased by 35%.  

Bottle of Rum and Flask of Rum Healing reduced by 10%.

Corsairs Gamble resistance reduced from 10% to 5%.  



Lightstorm frequency of hits has been made 25% faster to offset monsters running through the spells animations unscathed.

Vibrating Notes is now scaling properly. This is already live.



Base attack speed buffed by 5%.

Basic Attacks will now deal a bonus of 0.3% of max hp/mp each hit in PVP. Capping at 3% of a target's health/mana per second. This is additional damage added on top of your normal hit damage. This damage will not scale with any buffs or bonuses such as Bard soul rune, Blacksmithing enhancement, or Soulhunter backpack.



Basic attack speed increased by 6%.

Basic Attacks from the Gunslinger (not clones), will now deal a bonus of 0.7% of max hp/mp each hit in PVP. Capping at 4.9% of a target's health/mana per second. This is additional damage added on top of your normal hit damage. This damage will not scale with any buffs or bonuses such as Bard soul rune, Blacksmithing enhancement, or Soulhunter backpack.



Heaven Artifact will now regenerate a total of 50% at level 15, instead of 30%.



Shaman Specialization spells have had their damage buffed by 20%

Starfall can now be cast without first entering Merlkin form. It will put you into Merlkin form when cast, However if either Merlkin form or Starfall are on cooldown the ArchBot will skip over it like any other spell on cooldown.  



Yaten blade awakened effect Wide Cute hit delay has been accelerated by 50% to help with targets walking through unscathed.

War Banner, Gyoten Blade, Shisui Blade will no longer require a hit after cast, they will now buff you on cast for the durations mentioned in spell book.  

Last Stand and War banner durations increased to 15 seconds, and to 30 seconds with Qi.

Bot will now properly consider if Qi is used or not when checked.

Last Stand awakening effect "Damage Stand" will now properly retain the buff when moving.

Samurai's can now use "Taunt".



Removed Intense Healing and First Aid from Guardians Spells as they were unused and unneeded.

Enflaming will now proc on your hits vs being hit and reflecting. Scaling information can be found here - - Avuria and Ildar will have this version. Dracona will receive this next season.  



The Auto Attack awakened effects Reapers touch and Underling activation chance has been increased to 15%

Soul Rune's awakened effect Hellhound scaling is now more consistent.

After careful review and looking into spell combinations along with summons and how the vocation scale dover time. Our previous nerf to summons damage will remain.



Tamer's Wolf Summon Attack Spell Scratch has had range increased from 1 sqm to 2 sqm.

Unending bond awakening effect "protective bond" resistance reduced from 15% to 10%.

Updated awakening spell description for Tamers bond awakening effect Overwhelmed to indicate it will give player 10% resistance not 20%. The previous nerf on resistance value has been live since just after launch the description was incorrect is all.



Reduced healing of Spirit Spring and Healing Spring by 10%.

Kamikaze punch stun duration has been reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds (1 second in pvp).


Halloween Patch

21 October 2020 (15:56) by Archlight Team

With today's reboot the following changes will occur. As well as upon the patch going live a world boss will be summoned to kick start the event. The patch is planned to go live with the daily reboot at 9:30am PT. Ildar and Avuria will be patched tomorrow. Further balancements will come in the next week or so as our time permits. Thank you for your patience.


Bug Fixes

Fixed Kraken contribution.

Healing will now only count for actual healing, as in, healing missing health/mana.

Damage taken is going to count properly now.

Damage done towards the tentacles will now count individually instead of equally distributed.


Siege have had its timer fixed.

Fixed issue where some spells were not hitting inside siege.

Professions and quests will reset on server save properly now, even if the player is offline.

Fixed an issue with reward boxes where it was possible to bypass soulbind items.

Fixed timer issues with Heaven/Hell Arenas.

Now, when a player dies inside the duel arena, they will spawn in a random position inside the arena in ghost mode for 2 seconds, being able to freely move.

Olympus boss mechanics fix to work as intended.

Players will no longer be able to walk on cloud tiles to avoid possible quest abuse.

Fixed Doomlord - Infestation where it didn't work properly in PvP.


Quality of Life

House rent re-enabled.

Inspecting house door will show the rent price.

(keep in mind that the rent price raises by 10% every week)


Players will now be able to open up to 100 reward box items such as Lord bags and Achlight crates at once.

Players will now be able to change awakening effects inside the dueling arena.

Players will now be able to check a summon's master name through "looking" at the summon.

In professions crafting window, players will now be able to see the craftable item's description and bonus.

[Already live] online trainers have been enabled.

[Already live] players receiving AT/Gold transfers will be notified.



Summons will now consider resistance.



Life Harvest - Soul Eater will now paralyze players by 75% for 1s instead of stunning for 2s (PvP only).

Life Harvest cooldown increase from 8s to 16s.

Ravenous Fiend, Doomlord, and Shadowform have received a temporary 20% nerf in damage. This is just a band aid while we further investigate a permanent route.

Doomlord - Watch It Burn fixed description where it said that it caused burn.